GOAPP S.r.l. informs you about the types, purposes, and methods of use and management of cookies used on our website. The purpose of this policy is also to provide guidance to users of this site on actions to refuse, modify or give consent to the use of cookies.


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Cookies are small text files that websites visited by users send to their terminals or devices, where they are stored and then sent back to the same sites on subsequent visits.

Cookies are distinguished by duration, purpose, and origin.


  • session cookies are automatically deleted after the browser is closed
  • persistent cookies remain on the user’s device until a predetermined expiration date.


Cookies are used for various purposes: technical, marketing, profiling, and analytical. The different purposes and use of cookies on this site are best specified in point 2 of this policy.


  • first-party cookies are installed by the site manager (Publisher) that the user is visiting.
  • third-party cookies are sent by a site different from the one being viewed by the user. These third-party companies, other than the Publisher, act as independent Data Controllers. For example, a Facebook “Like” button on our site will set a cookie that can be read by Facebook. The purpose of third-party cookies is to collect some information for various types of research, such as behavioral and demographic research, and for targeted marketing purposes. Another example could be Google Analytics by Google, Inc., a service that provides measurement statistics and analysis of site performance. Depending on the type and origin.

Types of cookies used on our website

2.1 Technical and strictly necessary cookies (Mandatory)

This type of cookie is essential for the proper functioning of the site; for this reason, technical cookies cannot be disabled. These include, for example, cookies that collect the session ID, cookies that allow you to customize the site interface (such as language choice), cookies that allow you to ensure a secure online environment (for example, by detecting repeated access errors, preventing unauthorized access by third parties to your account), and therefore comply with our legal obligations.

Anonymous analytical cookies may fall into this category, allowing us to monitor site usage by users for optimization purposes through statistical and anonymous analysis.

Your consent is not required for the installation of technical and strictly necessary cookies.

2.2 Preference cookies (Consent)

These cookies allow us to personalize and improve our site by offering you content and tools (in particular to show our products and services), thus also improving your browsing experience.

2.3 Analytical or performance cookies (Consent except in certain circumstances)

Analytical cookies help us understand how visitors came to our site, measure the number of visits to our site by the visitor, and also analyze the visitor’s navigation methods on our site.

These cookies allow us to improve the site by ensuring that the user easily finds what they are looking for.

They may be exempt from the consent request if they are strictly necessary for the functioning of the site and are therefore anonymous. Otherwise, they require consent.

2.4 Advertising and profiling cookies (Consent)

These cookies are used to obtain information about the visitor for promotional and advertising purposes. Profiling cookies can be either proprietary or third-party.

Such cookies require your explicit consent to be activated and can be deactivated at any time by revoking your consent.

Advertising cookies can generally be personalized, non-personalized, or based on the visitor’s geographic location.

  • Personalized advertising cookies

Through these cookies, personalized advertising is offered based on your interests by recording your visit to our site, the pages you have viewed, and the links you have followed. They can also be used to display personalized advertising on our products on other sites and also to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

  • Non-personalized advertising cookies

These cookies allow for the display of non-personalized advertising based on your profile. These cookies can be used exclusively to measure the performance of a marketing campaign. If they are third-party cookies, the visitor may also see cookies from our partners.

  • Advertising geolocation cookies

These cookies allow us to customize advertising based on your location (geolocated ads). If they are third-party cookies, the visitor may also see cookies from our partners.

2.5 Social Media and content sharing (Consent)

These cookies allow for the sharing of information about your browsing with the social networks used and for the display on our site of content hosted on an external site. These features, in fact, involve sharing with the partner site information about your browsing on our site. By refusing these cookies, we will not be able to allow you to view some integrated content on our site when it is hosted on an external platform, nor allow you to share our site’s content on the social networks used.

2.6 List of cookies used on our website

For each cookie, the following is indicated:

  • Cookie category: (Technical, Statistical, Marketing, Profiling)

  • Cookie name (for example: wc_cart_hash_#, PHPSESSID, _gid, _gat, _ga)

  • Origin: first or third-party

  • Reference URL: where the cookie is located

  • Purpose: the reason why it is installed

  • Storage time: the deadline by which the cookie will automatically uninstall.

How to manage cookie preferences To change your choices, with reference to the different categories of cookies we use, you can consult the cookie management module accessible at the bottom of the page at any time.

We remind you that the use of cookies strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site does not require your consent and therefore the “technical and strictly necessary cookies” option is pre-selected in our cookie management tool and is not optional.

By default, we store your cookie choices for up to 6 months, after which we will ask you to choose again.

How to disable or delete cookies from browser settings Cookies can be completely disabled by the browser using the appropriate function provided in the settings in most navigation programs. However, it is good to know that by disabling cookies, some of the features of our site may not be usable.

If you want more information on managing cookies through the settings of the main browsers, consult the following links:

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