System Integration

The Interconnection for a Success Business

Communication between heterogeneous computer systems can be a value for your company

The Interconnection for a Success Business

As System Integrator, our work consist to connecting applications and heterogeneous information systems that have different goals in the company (accounting, documentary management, processes management, automation etc.)

The goal is to ensure that they can dialogue with each other and allow the customer to carry out specific operational and management activities that increase the efficiency of company processes. The integration of information systems could be an important step forward progress for your company as well.

“Our age isn’t the age of bonds, but the age of connections.”

Luciano De Crescenzo

Why is integration important?

Business integration brings clear advantages for companies that want to create an organization in which messages, files and documents are easily exchangeable and shareable within the same company but also between different realities.

System Integration contributes to building a working environment where information is integrated and interconnected by stimulating a lot of the productivity of resources. Also, there are other advantages that it can give to companies.

Improve the speed

reducing the waste of time

Reduce the manual processes

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Preserve the value

of software investments

Create a Network

of coherent and coexistent systems

Improve the automation

of processes

Integration technology

Our solutions of System Integration are studied and developed to be perfect in base of specific needs of customers.

For this reason, we work to study customized technologies capable of generating the expected results.

But, when it is possible, the integration between systems is made by using of modern standard technologies such as API, WebApi RTEST or Web Services SOAP, WebHook.

Quando, invece, è possibile, l’integrazione tra sistemi avviene mediante l’uso di moderne tecnologie standard quali API, WebApi RTEST o Web Services SOAP, WebHook.

Naturally, the choice of one or the other path depends on the information systems on which we are going to operate, which we analyze without any commitment during the meeting and briefing phase that we have with the company’s IT managers.



System Integration.

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